Exotic buildings come into view, The rain patters in the winding streets and alleys, Cafes around the corner give out strong fragrance, A romantic island full of petty bourgeoisie sentiment--

It is interllectual and deep, Sometimes bustling, sometimes quiet. The time accumulates into a romantic city, The history precipitates into longstanding feelings, It is the literary and artistic mood deep in this island... 

Zhongdeji Resort Villa

Address: No.31, Huangyan Road, Gulangyu

Chuanwu Guesthouse

Address: No.48, Guxin Road, Gulangyu

Huateng Woju Hotel

Address: No.27, Wudai Road, Gulangyu

Youran Mountain Villa

Address: No.228, Zengcuo'an Community, Siming District

Rugui Guesthouse

Address: No.42, Zengcuo'an Community, Siming District

Gorge Old Villa

Address: No.41, Nanqiao Lane, Siming North Road, Siming District

Lanqin Old House

Address: No.25, Dazijiu Lane, Ding'an Road, Siming District

Huahai Jianju Inn

Address: No.1, Huangcuo Community, Huangcuo Village, Siming District

Harbor Star Inn

Address: No.86, Huangcuo Community, Huangcuo Village, Siming District

The above guesthouse list is recommended by Gulangyu Guesthouse Owner Association, Guesthouse Branch of Zengcuo'an Cultural Creative Industry Association, Zhongshan Road Chamber of Commerce Guesthouse (Inn) Branch, Huangcuo Guesthouse Association, etc.