Island Ring Road is one of tourism roads around the sea in Xiamen. The road is 43 kilometers long, running through Ferry Pier, Xiamen University, Convention and Exhibition Center, Guanyin Mountain, Wuyuan Bay, Xiamen Airport, Tongyi Pier, Yundang Lake. There are beautiful scenes along the road. 


Yunding Fast Bikeway, completed in January 2017, is the first practice in the country. The bikeway starts from Hongwen BRT Station and ends at Xianhou BRT Station, with a total length of 7.6 km. 


Dongping Mountain is an urban central mountainous park, which is rare in the country. It is also the most completely preserved natural tourism area in Xiamen. The bikeway, totally about 11 kilometers long, travels from the Calligraphy Square neighboring Xiamen University Apartment, crosses Dongping Mountain and finally arrives at Dongfang Mountain Villa, by way of Shangli Reservoir, Dongping Reservoir and the mysterious slope. 


Haicang Avenue is constructed by Xiamen mainly for cycling exercise. It is also a field for the International Cycling Competition. The scenes along the avenue are similar to that of Island Ring Road. The avenue, totally 9 kilometers long, is wide and smooth from Songyu Pier to Yongjun Road next to the seaside. Along the avenue, beautiful scenery, and Haicang Bridge, Gulangyu, West Harbor, etc. can be viewed.