Take a rest in a quiet afternoon with a book and a cup of coffee. The sight and the smell of the coffee made of espresso coffee bean by the skillful barista bring you into another space time without annoyance and sorrows. 

The villas along Xidi are altered into cafes. Having afternoon tea and coffee is a habit of petty bourgeoisie in Xiamen. The open air and cool lakeside is a suitable place for friends to gather together and have a nice chatting. It is special place of happiness of petty bourgeoisie. 

Location: Yundang Road, Siming District

Transportation: Take a bus to Jianxing Ro

Brown Sugar, address: No.39, Dingaozai Road, KualngsuYa Se, address: No.29, Nanhua Road, Kulangsu

Zhang Sanfeng Milk Tea Shop, address: No.226, Longtou Road, Kulangsu.

Wenxin Pavillion, address: No.4, Nanhua Road, Siming DistrictCafe of Miss Zhao, address: No.120, 

Black Cat, address: (Near Zhonghua Road) No.14, Yongchun Road, Kulangsu

Hua Time, address: Fanpo Building, No.36, An'hai Road, Kulangsu

Naya Cafe, address: Building B, No.12, Lujiao Road, Kualngsu

Houhai Cafe, address: next to the Marco Polo Hotel, No.3-7, Yundang Road, Siming DIstrict



Qiancha Tea House, Address: 2nd Floor, Zhonghua Building, Siming District.

Shanguo Yinyi Tea House, Address: No. 43, Tiyu Road, Siming District

Ri Chun Tea House, Address: No.925, Hexiang West Road, Siming District

Tianfu Tea House, Address: SM Phase I, Siming District

Gudao Tea House, Address: No.335 Jiahe Road, Siming District

Pinxin Tea House, Address: 2nd-3rd Floor, Huangda Building, Hubin South Road, Siming District