Zengcuo'an has developed continuously and periodically from a fishing village into an artistic village with a main population of students and young artistic people. Over the years, the art village has begun to take shape as more and more artists like sculptors, musicians, poets and travelers have come to this art village and have been promoting the prosperity of the village in separate ways. At weekend nights, there will be a party, full of people, but not clamorous at all. Strolling to the five streets and eighteen lanes of Zengcuo'an, you will find thered-brick old houses next to western cafes, and you will encounter all kinds of fresh and artistic styles. Some artistic owners of homestays draw lessons from those of Gulangyu, with some homestays featuring the original ecological Southern Fujian Style, some featuring the fresh style. Homestays open one after another, like mushrooms after rain. There are also many peculiar stores, such as Zengcuo'an Youth Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, and Unhappy Couples' Church. They are selling sentiments, rather than commodities.


Qingtianjian (Meet at Sunny Days): No.146- 1, Zengcuo'an

Wus' Stuffed Pies: No.179- 1, Zengcuo'an

Liwu' Tea: No.253- 2, Zengcuo'an

Temple Bar: Zengs' ancestral hall, Zengcuo'an

Duola Bar: No.80, Zengcuo'an