The old inhabitants of Xiamen call the coastal part of Siming South Road between Yanwu Road and Dashengli Railway Xiamen Harbor. Sha Po Wei is the spirit of Xiamen Harbor. It is the only shelter dock in downtown Xiamen. It represents the memories of the old inhabitants of Xiamen for the ocean.

If Gulangyu is a brooch to Xiamen, decorated with gems, dazzling and brilliant, then Sha Po Wei is a flax scarf, low- key and tranquil. Over time, the restrained dyed colors has begun to disperse gradually. It makes people slightly intoxicated by walking there.


Dragon King Temple: No. 128- 130, Minzu Road, Siming District

Breeze Music: Floor 1, Museum of Chinese Profiles, Xiagang Subdistrict, Siming District

Art West District: No.60, Sha Po Wei, Siming District

Museum of Chinese Profiles: Sha Po Wei, Daxue Road, Siming District

Hupo Bookstore: Floor 1, Museum of Chinese Profiles, Siming District