Phase one of Dingshang Village covers an area of 600mu. Located in Shandingyang of Dingcun Village, it enjoys a broad view. Away from the urban hustle and bustle, it is easy and tranquil; with abundant water, it is featured by the pleasant natural environment. As a national leisure agricultural & rural tourism demonstration site, built at the foot of mountains, reasonably developed, Dingshang Village boasts unique style, novelty design and complete functions. Wanjinwan International Camp Club, the core part of the scenic spot, has a camping area of 6 groups of 33 tents built by Liudu Seaside, and the unique Liudu Homestay.


Address: Shandingyang, Dingdun Village, Tingxi Town, Tong'an District

Tel: 0592- 7205700

Transportation: ① Self- driving route: Xiamen Island - Tong'an Urban Area - Chaoyuan Road - Tingxi Street - X421 - Y680 - Dingshang Village; ② bus route: get off the bus at Dingcun Station