Aitou has always been a typical fishing village, and it is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in southern Fujian. There is abundant existing tangible and intangible heritage, and there has been a great number of talents in the history of Aotou, such as Su Tingyu, the governor of Sichuan in the Qing Dynasty, Jiang Fangyong, a Xun'an (a supervisory censor appointed by the emperor), Jiang Jifu, a patriotic overseas Chinese and other excellent persons. Various buildings and ancient houses and ancestral halls, such as "Shishi Alley", "Wosu Cottage", "Guangying Palace" and "Tianjingjiexiao" memorial archway of chastity have been preserved till today.


Address: Aotou Village, Xindian Town, Xiang'an District

Transportation: ① Self- driving route: Xiang'an Tunnel - relief road of Xiang'an Avenue - Hongxiang West Road - to the end of National Road 324; ② bus route: get off the bus at Aotou Station