In the Farmhouse, there are woods of fruit trees, pools scattering all around, farmland crossing, and the air is full of vegetable and fruit fragrance. The Zhiqing Building there is the best living place of Zhiqing in terms of historic site preservation. The "Longgong Mountain"(literally Male Dragon Mountain) and "Longmu Mountain" (literally Female Dragon Mountain) beside the farmhouse, with a history of hundreds of years, still face each other from afar, seemingly telling their eternal love stories; the legend of "Tianjing Stone Cavern" (literally Patio Stone Cavern) has attracted many curious tourists to explore; there are "Linggui Wentian" (literally Turtle Looking Up Sky), "Huaishi Tree" (literally Stone Embracing Tree), and "Yanwo Cliff" (literally Bird's Nest Cliff), with "Linggui Wentian" being the most famous one.


Address: Zhiqing office, Longgang, Shuangling Village, Guankou Town, Jimei District

Tel: 0592- 6383778

Transportation: Self- driving route: Xiamen Bridge - Xingqian Road - Yuanting Road - Xinglin North Two Road - Jinyuan South Road - Sannan Road - Guankou Avenue - Longgu Mountain Villa of Shuangling Village