Damao Mountain Village is situated in the middle of Damao Mountains in the north of Xiang'an District. It is 19 km away from Tong'an town area 22 km away from Xiang'an District, and 55 km away from Xiamen Island. Since its planning and construction begun in 2014, there have been more than 30 vegetables and fruits for tourists. A group of young people or students can book the whole mountain village for exclusive recreational activities such as bonfire, fireworks, and Karaoke party.


Address: Damao Mountain in the north of downtown Xiang'an District

Tel:0592- 7979799

Transportation: Self- driving route: ① Xiang'an Tunnel - Xiang'an Avenue - Fangshan North Road - Xinxi Avenue - Xinxia East Road - Damaoshan Road; ② Tong'an Movie &TV City - Wuxian Road - Xinwei direction - Xinxia East Road - Damaoshan Road