In the ancient village with a thousand-year history, each brick forms a painting, each old house implies a history, and each villager represents a fresh memory of Zengcuo’an. Located at the side of Huandao Road, Wenchuang Village of Zengcuo’an covers an area of 1.25 square kilometers and is honored as “China’s most artistic fishing village” by tourists from home and abroad. Surrounded by mountains and the sea with Xiamen University in the neighborhood, Zengcuo’an spontaneously established the initial business of Wenchuang Village. Afterwards, the government stimulated business owners, merchants and youth who love culture and art to negotiate for co-management, thus creating a model of Wenchuang Village of Zengcuo’an transformed and upgraded from an “urban village”.

       Living in a lodge, falling asleep in the sound of sea waves and naturally waking up in tweets and barks every morning; walking on the street lanes and randomly halting in front of a store in a daze; rambling on the sands and cycling along Huandao Road to set free your dreams. It is not only a gorgeous landscape along Huandao Road, but also the most original ecological village in Xiamen Island where you can encounter the most beautiful vision in such a joyful and peaceful place far away from vanity, so welcome to this artistic fishing village to feel its youth, artistry, passion and dream.

Connotative meaning

        The artistic quality is the essence of Zengcuo’an. Possessing 5,000 youth who love culture and art, 1,600 stores, 1,600 life attitudes and 1,600 ideas, this small fishing village accommodates a group of talented and creative youth who love culture and art, running fascinating stores which annually attract over 10 million tourists. These stores have not only boosted urban vitality but also created tremendous social and economic benefits. The former small fishing village has become a well-deserved Wenchuang Park today.

Traffic guidance

        Located at South Huandao Road, Wenchuang Village of Zengcuoan borders on Music Square in the east and Calligraphy Square in the west, faces Dadan Island across the sea in the south, and connects Xiguling of Yuping Mountain in the north. Tourists may take Bus No. 29, 47, 112, 751 or 857 or the Roundabout Tour Bus and get off at Zengcuo’an Station. There are direct buses coming from Xiamen North Railway Station and the Airport to Wenchuang Village of Zengcuo’an, costing 30 Yuan per person from Xiamen North Railway Station and 15 Yuan per person from the Airport.