Gulong Sauce Cultural Park


With a total area of approximately 50,000 square meters, the traditional soy sauce brewing plant of Xiamen Gulong Sauce Cultural Park accommodates nearly 60,000 traditional soy sauce jars. Gulong has always been insisting on producing soy sauce with traditional techniques and using such sauces in can production. Concentrating over three thousand years of Chinese soy sauce culture, such soy sauce brewing technique has been included in “Intangible Cultural Heritage” projects of Xiamen City. Since it was put into trial operation in 2013, it has received nearly 450,000 visitors. As soon as visitors enter the Park, over 60,000 old soy sauce jars made of traditional pottery clay come into view, with the most ancient ones dating back to the Qing Dynasty. In addition to traditional Chinese soy sauce culture, the archaistic soy sauce street, , rice cake moulds and other old articles in the Park make visitors immersive in the scenes of the old working hard in their yards in the past.

Owing to such devotion to and persistence in traditional techniques, Gulong Sauce Cultural Park has attracted the deluge of multiple media, including A Bite of China 2, Chinese Cooking, CCTV Happy Chinese and Singapore TV Station. They all come here to deeply explore the Park to uncover secrets of tastes which have been carried forward for thousands of years and to study “the art of time”.

Connotative meaning

Gulong Sauce Cultural Park is not a combination of two common words but represents the collective memory of tastes for several generations. It embodies the essence of the soy sauce culture for three thousand years in southern Fujian, maintains and continues the Egret Island’s urban memory, and touches the nostalgic souls of southern Fujian people from generation to generation just like a gentle fairyland.

Traffic guidance

Qinggong Group “3+1” cultural experience one-day trip, i.e. Gulong Sauce Cultural Park, Topstar Light and Shadow Experience Hall, 3-Circles Model Science & Technology Experience Base and Magic Minnan.

Gulong Sauce Cultural Park is located at Gulong Industrial Park, No. 1666, Middle Tongji Road, Tong’an District, Xiamen City. To go to the Park, tourists may take Bus No.651, 652, 655, 658, 659, 690, 691, 790, 791, 792, 961 or 650 (express bus) and get off at Pantu Station.