Yanwu Bridge


Yanwu Bridge is located across Navy Wharf - Yanwu Road - Baicheng Section along Xiamen Huandao Road. The whole bridge closely clings to the sea level, slowly extends and fluctuates like sea waves. Since it is built on the ruins of ancient Yanwu Pool and Yanwu Field, facing Zheng Chenggong Statue across the sea in the west, it is named “Yanwu” which is the name of the local place related to Zheng Chenggong.

Yanwu Bridge is built over the sea with a deck elevation of only 5.5 meters. Hence, it is known as the bridge closest to the sea level in the world by far. Yanwu Bridge is built so closely to the sea level for the purpose of protecting Xiamen University Baicheng Campus.

The Bridge is separated from Gulangyu Scenic Spot by sea, thus realizing the organic combination of both landscape and transportation. With a full length of 2.2 kilometers, Yanwu Bridge consists of 6 two-way non-stop lanes and gathers three major urban roads of Chenggong Avenue, Huandao Artery and Huandao Road, playing a significant role in Xiamen’s traffic.

It is best to appreciate Yanwu Bridge at all seasons, particularly on the occasion of astronomical tide as looking from afar, the sea water is almost surging over the Bridge, which is a certainly spectacular scene.

Connotative meaning

The deck elevation of Yanwu Bridge is fairly close to the sea level. The Bridge features the structure of lenticular beams and elliptic piers, and the whole body is painted white. For fear of influencing coastal landscape, the lighting on the Bridge relies on lighting lamps installed on the guardrails without any lamp pole. People who drive cars on the Bridge in the daytime will feel like driving on the sea. People may also listen to the sea waves flapping against the bridge pier and view the sea sprays rolling up, and on the occasion of rising tides, it even looks like the Bridge is submerged by the sea water.

The lighting of Yanwu Bridge at night also adopts white lamps in concert with the landscape in the daytime. As soon as the night falls, the Bridge decorated by lights is like a flood dragon coming out of the sea, just as what people describe “it looks like Dragon King’s third prince from afar.”

Traffic guidance

It is best to view Yanwu Bridge from a sightseeing boat.

Self-driving: As parking on Yanwu Bridge is not allowed, it is advisable to appreciate the beauty of this Bridge from Xiada Baicheng sands along Huandao Road and the shore protection parallel with the Bridge (the bicycle path from Navy Wharf to Xiada Baicheng).

Bus: Nearly 20 bus lines pass by Xiada Baicheng Station, including No. 122, 112, 135 and 20.