Railway Cultural Park


With an overall length of about 4.5 kilometers and a width of about 12 to 18 meters, Xiamen Railway Cultural Park borders on Jinbang Park in the east and Heping Wharf in the west, connecting Jinbang Park, Wanshi Botanical Garden, Huxi Rock, Hongshan Park and other scenic spots. Featuring both original ecological landscapes and modern city marks, it has also witnessed the military struggle against Taiwan and the development of Xiamen Port.

Before the building of this Park, this place had been the railway track of the extension line of Yingtan-Xiamen Railway. As the only railway in Xiamen at that time, it was exclusively dedicated to transporting building materials for the urban construction and military equipment without any passenger train. This railway line has been left unused since 1980s but it still keeps the initial memory of the traffic development of “sea, land and air” in Xiamen.

Connecting surrounding scenic spots, the stripe-shaped Xiamen Railway Cultural Park was launched into construction in 2010. The landscapes on the way include bougainvillea speetabilis, the city flower of Xiamen City. Among these gorgeous bougainvillea speetabilis, the most well-known is the “heart-shaped bougainvillea speetabilis”, which is located 200 meters away from Railway Cultural Park beside the south gate of Xiamen Wanshi Botanical Garden in the direction to Xiamen No. 1 High School. This bougainvillea speetabilis is so “mysterious” that some tourists call it a “sacred tree of love” as it is said that making confessions or proposals under this bougainvillea speetabilis tends to end up successful.

Connotative meaning

The name of Railway Cultural Park not only indicates the features of the landscape, but also implies the historical and cultural connotation as well as the aesthetic value of the landscape. In the past, the long railway track was just like a zigzag river flowing to the distance and people left from here or come back to this place. Nowadays, the old railway has been transformed into a new delightful city landmark to appreciate Xiamen and reflect on the history.

Traffic guidance

The starting point may be a railway near Jinbang Park and behind the Railway Station. To go the starting point, tourists may take bus No. 4, 42, 52, 113 or 139 and get off at Jinbang Park West Gate Station.

The gate of Wanshi Botanical Garden can be regarded as the midpoint of Railway Cultural Park. From here, tourists may enter Hongshan Tunnel for Dashengli. To go to the midpoint, tourists may take Bus No. 87 or 943 (express bus) and get off at Botanical Garden Station.

Dashengli which is the middle of Minzu Road leads to the end point of Heping Wharf, which is also the end point of Railway Cultural Park. To go to the end point, tourists may take Bus No. 1, 2, 15, 20 or 11, get off at Dashengli Station and then walk towards Bailu Road.