Xianyue Mountain


With a height of 212.7 meters, Xianyue Mountain is located at the northwest of Xiamen Island. Just as an emerald inlaid in the city, it possesses the forest coverage over 90% and plays an important part in the urban ecosphere and serves as a natural oxygen bar for citizens and tourists. There is a 2.5 kilometer-long hiking trail extending from the north gate of Xianyue Park to the Cultural Square of Xianyue Mountain which is honored as the most comfortable hiking trail in Xiamen City. Beautiful flowers in full bloom and green trees all the way display such a gorgeous landscape.

The Earth God Temple is the brightest cultural landscape of Xianyue Mountain. Covering a building area of thousands of square meters, it assembles numerous national-level intangible cultural heritage projects including wood carving, stone carving, porcelain carving and other traditional handicrafts in southern Fujian and boasts the largest Earth God Temple under wooden structure in Fujian Province and even in China. It has become an important base for carrying forward and displaying cultural heritages in southern Fujian and a significant spiritual bond for Taiwanese and overseas Chinese to maintain their sentiments towards the hometown, as well as an important platform for cross-Strait cultural exchange.

The Earth God Temple of Xianyue Mountain has continuously held the Fude Cultural Festival for years which has promoted cross-Strait cultural cooperation and integration. It is worth mentioning that Xianyue Mountain also ranks as one of the fourth batch of provincial-level intangible cultural heritage protection projects.

Connotative meaning

For people in Xiamen and across the Strait, Xianyue Mountain is a blessed mountain. With a history of over 1,000 years, the Earth God Temple on the Mountain has received an endless stream of pilgrims since the Song Dynasty, boasting one of the most popular temples when it comes to the folk beliefs in Xiamen City. Thus many people have honored Xianyue Mountain as “a well-deserved famous mountain and wonderful landscape”. Xianyue Mountain accommodates Xiamen’s most tranquil meditation sanctuary with the Earth God Temple, Tianzhuyan Temple, Guanyin Temple, Xuefeng Temple and Brahma yards and houses nestling in green mountains and trees where the pilgrims truly feel the warmness with the communicated blessedness.

Traffic guidance

There are 4 gates to Xianyue Park in the east, west, south and north respectively.

The east gate can be accessed from Guanyin Temple opposite the SM City Plaza. Take Bus No. 20, 27, 33 or 996 and get off at SM City Plaza Station.

The south gate can be accessed from Qiaojian Garden on Xianyue Road. Take Bus No. 24, 25, 33 or 54 and get off at Xianyue Garden Station.

The west gate is located by the side of Hetongli Haotou Community. Take Bus No. 4, 139 or 436 and get off at Hetongli Station.

The north entrance is at the opening of Xianyue Tunnel to Huli. Take Bus No. 15, 20 or 34 and get off at Nanshan Sanatorium Station.

In addition, there are 16 secondary accesses leading to surrounding residential communities.