Yuanqian Community of Qingjiao Village


Yuanqian Community of Qingjiao Village in Haicang District is the first Fujian-Taiwan ecological and cultural village in Xiamen City. Located at the intersection of Xiamen and Zhangzhou, Yuanqian Community is a main birthplace of Baosheng Ciji Culture, the second most popular folk belief in Taiwan and it is also the hometown of Yan Siqi, the pioneer of Taiwan. Close to Yuanqian Community stands the Qingjiao Ciji Palace ranking among the fourth batch of Major Historical and Cultural Sites Protected at the National Level where Wu Zhenren, a renowned doctor in Northern Song Dynasty is enshrined and worshiped.

With the most existing ancient dwellings in Xiamen City including 39 distinctive ancient dwellings such as extremely exquisite and large-scaled Old House of Yan’s Family and Dafudi, Yuanqian Community is truly the heaven for lovers of ancient dwellings. All the ancient dwellings are sparkling with new vitality after renovation. Dafudi has become the lecture hall for Chinese Studies of Community Academy to provide over 10 courses including southern Fujian nursery rhymes, puppet show performance, Yan’s Family culture, handcraft, and parent-child story-telling session. Ancient dwellings will also be developed into coffee houses, private home cuisine restaurants, guesthouses, cultural creativity workshops and museums so as to better carry forward traditional culture. At ordinary times, Jishengyuan Pineapple Sightseeing Plant, fruits and vegetable fields rented by citizens and Shiwen handmade noodle restaurants are crowded with visitors from different places.

Connotative meaning

Zeng Qinzhao, the Managing Vice Chairman of the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland (ATIEM), ever exclaimed that “mountains and rivers make one feel nostalgic”. Stepping into Yuanqian Community of Qingjiao Village in Haicang District, people will feel just like entering the lotus land as portrayed by Tao Yuanming. He also expressed that just like many other businessmen from Taiwan, he felt the long-lost nostalgic sentiments here.

Cultural exchange has greatly stimulated the tourism in Yuanqian Community as abundant cultural accumulation has developed Yuanqian Community into a popular tourist attraction. Tourists from both sides of Taiwan Strait may get together in Yuanqian Community to share the common feelings.

Traffic guidance

Bus routes:

Take Bus No. 853, 801, 831 or 832 and get off at Qingjiao Ciji Palace Station.

Self-driving route:

Go through Haicang Bridge (in the direction of exiting from Xiamen Island) - go straight along Maqing Road (in the direction to Qingjiao Ciji Palace) - arrive at Qingjiao Ciji Palace Bus Station (follow the navigation to get here from Xiamen Island) - turn left at the first turn-around crossing, pass the traffic light - arrive at the entrance to Yuanqian Community of Qingjiao Village.