Wutong Lighthouse Park


Covering an area of 13.2 hectares, Wutong Lighthouse Park integrates the ventilating tower and waste slag field of Xiang’an Tunnel to Wutong and the green belt of East Huandao Road, built with wooden trestles, stone steps, rest pavilions and viewing decks shaded by abundant trees. As soon as visitors enter the Park, they will see a columned red-top lighthouse standing upright. Walking towards the lighthouse along the straight Lighthouse Avenue, visitors will see 30 exquisite lighthouse sculptures at both sides of the Avenue. Each lighthouse sculpture represents a world-renowned lighthouse, with the name, country, height and purpose of the lighthouse carved thereon. Observing the lighthouse from a closer distance, visitors will see 10 meaningful embossments on the base platform, which respectively embody 10 most famous offshore lighthouses in the world. The square in front of the lighthouse portrays the round-the-world sailing map of “Xiamen” Sailing Ship, skillfully integrating the ocean culture.

Wutong Community where the Lighthouse Park is located is an ancient wharf exchanging passengers with Liuwudian, Xiang’an District. In 1938, Japanese troops came ashore here to invade into Xiamen Island. They violently slaughtered common people and left the ruins of Mass Grave. To engrave the history, the Mass Grave Memorial Sculpture and the solemn and reverent Memorial Forest of 70th Anniversary for the Victory of Anti-Japanese War have been established in the Lighthouse Park.

Connotative meaning

The first ray of the sunshine in the morning symbolizes the light and future, while the lighthouse guides the direction in hopeful attitude which complements each other. The name of Lighthouse Park is of profound significance: the ruins of Mass Grave witnessing Japanese troops’ invasion in Xiamen is located in Lighthouse Park to remind people of the history and to call on people to fight for the light and future.

Traffic guidance

Wutong Lighthouse Park is located at the seaside of East Huandao Road in Wutong Section, adjacent to Wutong Wharf.

Bus: Take Bus No. 103 and get off at Fengtou Zhaohu Station.

Self-driving: Go straight along Xianyue Road towards Xiang’an, turn right to East Huandao Road at the intersection of Xianyue Road and East Huandao Road, turn around in the turn-around area, and drive forward to the west gate of Wutong Lighthouse Park. Text/Journalist: Guo Xiaochun.