Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park


Located at the northeast of Xiamen Island, Wuyuan Bay is a treasured place integrating multiple natural resources including waterscape, hot spring, vegetation, wetland and gulf. It gains the name for the five circular arch bridges (Tianyuan, Diyuan, Riyuan, Yueyuan and Renyuan) built in it.

“Qihang” is a landmark sculpture standing upright in the inner bay of Wuyuan Bay. Possessing 351 aquatic berths, Wuyuan Bay Marina is the largest and the most mature marina in Southeast China which just lies behind the sculpture. China (Xiamen) International Boat Show, China Club Cup Sailing Race, Strait Cup Sailing Race and other famous exhibitions and competitions are all celebrated here.

Covering an area of 85 hectares, Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park is Xiamen’s largest wetland ecological garden honored as the “urban green lung”. Wetland Ecological Nature Reserve, Mangrove Floristic Area, Bird-watching Island and Circular Lake Leisure Sports Area are established in the Park for the inhabitance of hundreds of various wild plants and dozens of rare birds. In particular, the most famous site is the “Black Swan Heaven” where hundreds of black swans dance trippingly. In addition, Wetland Park is also equipped with Xiamen’s largest outdoor wooden trestle maze and China’s only purified seawater bath hall. Wetland Park receives 200,000 tourists each year.

Connotative meaning

The name of Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park outlines a splendid painting of the most beautiful landscape in Wuyuan Bay. Thanks to its excellent water quality, fresh air, broad view and constant wind, Wuyuan Bay is acclaimed by insiders in navigation as “a rare sailing base worldwide” and “the most beautiful marina”.

Traffic guidance

Bus: Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park is located in the east of Xiamen Island, close to commercial districts including Wanda Business Circle and Wuyuan Bay Operating Center. Tourists may take Bus No. 6, 82, 102 or 435 and get off at Wuyuan Bay Sports Hall Station/Wuyuan Bay Bus Terminal and Wuyuan Bay Marina is within reach in 10-minute walk.

Self-driving: Go straight along Xianyue Road towards Xiang’an Avenue, turn left and go straight at the intersection with Jinshan Road, turn right at Jintang Palace, turn left at the first crossing after passing Xiamen Aqua Resort Hotel, then go straight to the parking lot of the outdoor wooden trestle maze.