Xinling Bay,Horticulture Expo Garden,Jimei District


Possessing natural bays, hot springs and wetland resources, Xinglin Bay has always been referred to as the “West Lake in Xiamen” with Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden, the unique “aquatic garden” in the world. Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden consists of 5 exhibition islands, 4 ecological landscape islands and 2 peninsulas, naturally forming the multi-island structure and producing the distinctive landscape of “garden standing on the water and water flowing in the garden” just like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon.

As a world-level garden “museum”, Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden has established multiple parks, such as the Northern Park, Jiangnan Park, Lingnan Park and Folk Park. These distinctive parks of different styles are dotted at both sides of Yuanbo Avenue for tourists to personally experience various garden styles around the world.

Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden also possesses numerous remarkable landmark landscapes such as the 56.8-meter-high Xinglin Pavilion located at Mintai Island which may be called the “landmark pavilion” of Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden. This octagonal building adopts double-sleeve structure frequently used in ancient towers and pavilions while integrating traditional architectural elements in southern Fujian to create a landmark building displaying both traditional cultural deposits and features in southern Fujian, interacting as sister towers with the subsequent “Jimei Tower” built in Jimei New District.

As another“highlight” of Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden, the offshore “Moon Halo” features an external diameter of 36 meters, an internal diameter of 22 meters, a maximum thickness of 7 meters and a minimum thickness of 2.2 meters. Equipped with a light-emitting device, the “Moon Halo” creates a charming landscape of “the moon shining bright on the sea” when the night falls.

Connotative meaning

Xinglin Bay where the unique “aquatic garden”, Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden is located possesses a water area of 6.9 square kilometers which is 4 times larger than Yuandang Lake in Xiamen Island. Comparable to the West Lake in Hangzhou City, Xinglin Bay is a unique ecological habitat in Xiamen City. As the only aquatic Horticulture Expo Garden in the world, Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden possesses the Moon Halo, Xinglin Pavilion, Yunzhen Bridge, 4 ecological landscape islands, 5 exhibition islands, 10 parks, over 2,000 types of trees and shrubs and a 21-kilometer-long ecological landscape walkway. The garden and water views as well as functions of both sports and sightseeing in Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden enable tourists to personally enjoy brilliant spring flowers, luxuriant summer shades, gorgeous autumn scenes and verdant winter grasses at all seasons.

Traffic guidance

Located at the central section of Jixing Seawall of Jimei District, Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden can be accessed by getting down from Xiamen Bridge, Jimei Bridge and Xinglin Bridge and then driving towards Jixing Seawall for about 2 kilometers. There is a parking lot in the south gate of Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden (close to the side of the Seawall) and a bus station near the west gate of Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden. Serving as a public place, Xinglin Bay Greenway is built surrounding Xinglin Bay with public bicycle rental stations available in sections of the west gate of Xiamen Horticulture Expo Garden, Zhonghangcheng and Xingjin Road.