Huihe Stone Cultural Park


Huihe Stone Cultural Park is the only theme park for experiencing stone culture in China, a national AAA-level tourist attraction, an intangible cultural heritage protection base and science popularization education base of Fujian Province, as well as an old famous place and reading park of Xiamen City. Located in Zhonglun Park, and themed as southern-style stone carving skills and folk customs of Hui’an women, Huihe Stone Cultural Park integrates beautiful environment and profound southern Fujian culture with Stone Culture Science Popularization Gallery displaying five thousand years of Chinese civilization, Stone Carving Art Museum, vivid Stone Feast of Manchurian and Chinese Delicacies, Huihe Stone-shadow Carving which is the unique southern Fujian stone embroidery skills and Hui’an Women Folk Customs Performance.

As the first intangible cultural heritage cultural creativity tourist attraction implementing “Internet +” in Xiamen City, Huihe Stone Cultural Park has launched the “Stone Playing Scheme”. The “Stone Playing Scheme” offers the following programs including experiences in stone-shadow carving of the intangible cultural heritage, DIY stone painting and parent-child experiences in DIY stone mill soybean milk, allowing visitors to personally experience the fun in stone culture creativity and enjoy the wonderful stone culture which is quite popular.

Connotative meaning

Stone symbolizes calm, restrained, beautiful and intelligent qualities. Huihe Stone Cultural Park tactfully combines stones with carving, art, music, genders and painting, enabling exquisite stones “singing” which deeply impresses people with the stone art.

The name of Huihe Stone Cultural Park combines stones with wonderful rhythms, demonstrating philosophy, fun and charm in life.

Traffic guidance

Bus: Huihe Stone Cultural Park is located at Zhonglun Park, Lvling Road, Huli District with convenient transportation. Toursits may take Bus No. 34, 36, 38 or 45 and get off at Zhonglun Station which is just 300 meters away from the Park. Citizens and tourists may also take BRT and get off at Caitang Station, and then walk about 500 meters towards the northeast.

Self-driving: If starting from Xiamen Airport to the Ferry, drive towards Middle Yunding Road following the signpost along the BRT route, turn left at the intersection of Middle Yunding Road and Lvling Road to enter Lvling Road, turn around at the first turn-around area and go forward for 200 meters, then the scenic spot signpost will lead you to the destination.

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