Riyuegu Hot Spring Resort


Honored as the “Riyue Jade Pool”, Xiamen Riyuegu Hot Spring Resort is the first hotspring resort simultaneously possessing a five-star hotel and a 4A-level scenic spot in China, the first hotspring enterprise accredited as a “Chinese famous trademark”, the first outdoor garden hotspring in Fujian Province, the pioneer of outdoor “energy workshop”, and the first hotspring enterprise possessing outdoor swimming pools at constant temperature in Fujian Province.

The hotspring in Riyuegu naturally gushes out from the earth surface with a surface temperature of 82℃ and a deep temperature of 92℃. The hotspring is rich in metasilicic acid, strontium, fluorine and other microelements with higher concentration than that required in medical treatment.

More than 200 kinds of valuable and rare tropical and subtropical flower plants such as Erythrina variegata from Australia, royal poinciana and Ravenala from Madagascar, and Bauhinia blakeana Dunn from India have been introduced into the Resort in large quantities, making it a rival of a botanical garden.. The hotspring pool is as clear as a mirror and as vast as the sky, enabling visitors feel relaxed and happy.

Over 100 hotspring pools are scattered in the Resort including over 40 types of distinctive hotsprings with different unique features. Various exquisite artworks from Southeast Asian countries such as wooden houses from Indonesia, ash rock statues from Southeast Asia, small articles from Pacific islands, Nonya clothing and folk ornaments from Malaysia skillfully embellishes the Resort looking like an open-air exotic museum.

Connotative meaning

The name of Riyuegu Hot Spring Resort signifies that the hotsprings in Riyuegu becomes spiritual with the essence from the universe. Over 400 years ago, during the rein of the Emperor Longqing in the Ming Dynasty, Ding Yizhong, an official from the Ministry of Revenue, learnt that Wu Zhenren had cured the diseases of local people with the hot spring water during his travel in Fujian. Then he went to personally experience the hot spring water and after taking a bath in the hotspring, he immediately felt refreshed and extremely comfortable. Hence, he wrote the Hotspring Inscription in enthusiastic acclaim of it and the ancient stele is still well kept till today. “The first layer of heaven lies at the end of extreme south where the Queen Mother lives an easy life for health preservation and it is called the Amazing Hidden Beautiful Spot, also the location of the Jade Pool”, therefore, Riyuegu Hot Spring Resort is compared to as the Jade Pool.

Traffic guidance

Shuttle buses to and from Riyuegu Hot Spring Resort and Xiamen downtown: buses are parked at the right side of the south bus parking lot of Xiagu Wharf. 30 shifts of buses are available at a fixed time and location for free every hour from 10:00 to 24:00 each day, setting out on the hour from opposite directions.

Buses to and fro Xiamen North Railway Station and Riyuegu Hot Spring Resort: buses are parked in the Bus Terminal 200 meters away from the right side of Xiamen North Railway Station (opposite to the Vanke Real Estate) setting out from the Departure Hall of Xiamen North Railway Station at 10:30, 14:30 and 17:30 each day.

Buses passing by Riyuegu Hot Spring Resort Station: No. 805, 808, 825, 830, 835 or 837.