Guankou Bixi Park


Spreading along Bixi River and covering an area of 3 square kilometers, Bixi Agricultural Park is a large-scale agricultural ecological tourism experience park with green plants, bicycle path and leisure chairs available on both sides with the axis of Bixi River. Residents have been encouraged to participate in the park planning, jointly establishing Bixi Riverside Ecological Greenway, Creative Waterside Agricultural Recreation Park, Creative Mountain Forest Agricultural Recreation Park, Distinctive Flowers and Trees Plantation and a modern agricultural park featuring parent-child leisure activities and highlighting increased added value of creative culture for leisure, tourism and sightseeing.

As the first planning area of Bixi Agricultural Park, Baoshengyuan Farm provides for tourists with various delicacies, agricultural experience projects such as outdoor horseback riding and fishing, as well as unique accommodation experience projects such as motor home accommodation. At present, Yuelai Farmstead in Bixi Agricultural Park is also under upgrade and transformation. Zhangzhuang Community in Guankou Town, an old village in the neighborhood, has also established “experience-oriented” distinctive rural tourism for improving local infrastructure, protecting distinctive buildings and exploring the history of human. Zhangzhuang Community reserves numerous large houses lying between crisscross streets and lanes in southern Fujian and these time-honored old houses will be restored with the original charm and transformed into distinctive guesthouses to improve supporting accommodation facilities of the “Tourism Circle” of Bixi Agricultural Park.

Xiazhuang Community in Houxi Town has developed traditional country fairs on weekends to assemble various high-quality agricultural products from local Agricultural Cooperative and local delicacies for selling, thus combining agricultural leisure tourism and agricultural marketing service for more diversified and fascinating “agricultural ecological tourism”.

Connotative meaning

Spreading along the rippling Xuxi River, Bixi Agricultural Park, a large-scale ecological agricultural park with splendid landscape stretching across Houxi Town and Guankou Town has taken shape in a preliminary manner. The nearly 5-kilometer-long bicycle path along the Park has been equipped with public bicycle rental stations to enable people to appreciate the natural coolness of streams in the mountain forest and enjoy the unique fun of agricultural experience projects by stop-and-go cycling at will.

Traffic guidance

Bixi Agricultural Park is built along Bixi River stretching across Houxi Town and Guankou Town. Baoshengyuan Farm is located beside National Highway 324 in the direction to Tong’an from Guankou. Turn to the direction to Tong’an from Guankou Avenue and drive for 2.4 kilometers, then the signpost of the Farm will be visible. Take Bus No. 657, 680, 925, 936, 980 or 994 and get off at Dingxu Station and the Farm is within reach in about 200-meter walk in the direction to Yongquan Station.