Jingmin Resort Hot Spring


Located at Tingxi Town, Jingmin Resort Hot Spring is built near the mountain. Drawn from natural geothermal spring openings of Tingxi River, the hot spring water in Jingmin Resort Hot Spring features a PH value of 8.43 which is god-given and drinkable. Visitors in Jingmin Resort Hot Spring may enjoy the long-waited leisure in the nourishing original ecological hot springs.

Where there is a patch of world, there is a secluded place; where there is a pond of hot spring, there is an intelligent zone. In the early morning or at dusk, visitors may enjoy the nature at ease wandering in the mountain forest with the fragrance of earth and flowers and communicating with the nature in the company of flying insects and singing birds and visitors will certainly feel relaxed and comfortable while bathing in the hot springs with slightly fragrant and sweet air.

Jingmin Resort Hot Spring is an ideal resort for the purposes of leisure, touring, vacations, bathing and conferences. The Resort boasts over 40 hot spring vacation villas, 213 guest rooms of various styles, complete catering and professional consulting-oriented conference service, a 9-hole mountain golf course with fresh oxygen, a twisting mountain wooden trestle with luxuriant vegetation, a comfortable reading room, a lively experience-oriented interactive game center and other recreational facilities.

Connotative meaning

Warm in winter and cool in summer, the hot spring water of Jingmin Resort Hot Spring is drawn from pure natural underground sodium bicarbonate thermal springs exclusive to Tingxi River. Jingmin Resort Hot Spring also possesses the first karst cave springs in Xiamen City. Jingmin Resort Hot Spring has developed over 50 hot spring bathing pools of various sizes including Vanilla Hot Spring Zone, Fitness Hot Spring Zone and Detoxifying Hot Spring Zone as well as multiple distinctive natural hot spring landscapes including Waterfall Hot Spring, Canyon Hot Spring, Terrace Hot Spring and Cathole Hot Spring.

Traffic guidance


A. Xiamen Bridge (Jimei Bridge) - Tongji Road - turn left at Tong’an Station - turn right at Anxi Crossing - turn left at Tingxi Crossing - go forward and Jingmin Resort Hot Spring is 3 kilometers away on the right

B. Shenyang-Haikou Expressway - Exit to Maxiang - turn left to National Highway 324 - go straight ahead for 8 kilometers in the direction to Tong’an - turn right at Dingxitou traffic light - Tong’an No. 1 Middle School - Tingxi Crossing - turn right - go forward and Jingmin Resort Hot Spring is 3 kilometers away on the right

City shuttle buses to and fro Jingmin Resort Hot Spring: city shuttle buses are available at a fixed time and location to and fro Jingmin Resort Hot Spring, SM City Plaza and Jingmin Center Hotel. If you need any shuttle bus service, please call the Resort in advance for details and appointments. Departure time: Jingmin Resort Hot Spring (9:30, 12:30, 20:30), SM City Plaza Phase I (11:00, 14:00, 21:30), Jingmin Center Hotel (11:15, 14:15, 17:15, 21:45)