Tong’an Confucian Temple


Tong'an Confucian Temple is a symbol of ancient Tong’an, bearing the profound historical and cultural deposits of Tong’an. The Confucian Temple maintains the features of ancient buildings of southern Fujian in the Qing Dynasty. Facing Dongxi River and leaning close to ancient city walls, Halberd Gate features a height of 4.4 meters which is higher than the main gate of Quanzhoufu Confucian Temple with Qingyun Road right under the walls and four dragon stone pillars at the front porch. With a double-eave gable and hip roof, Dacheng Hall possesses 8 supporting round stone pillars in distinctive shapes with square bottom, octagonal middle section embossed with different patterns such as “kettle” doors in each side and scalloped conical top. Inherited from the original Confucian Temple firstly built in the Five Dynasties, this type of pillars is unique in Fujian Province.

Tong'an Confucian Temple is equipped with a stone sculpture exhibition ground known as “Terra-Cotta Warriors in Tong’an” displaying over 500 stone sculptures collected across Tong’an District as well as a memorial archway entitled “Xing Xian Yu Cai” (cultivating virtuous and talented people), a Guanlan Pavilion on the ancient walls and a green stone sculpture Drawings of Confucius’ Saint Deeds recording Confucius’ life stories. Covering a floor space of 6,432 square meters and a building area of over 1,400 square meters, Tong'an Confucian Temple features the central axis of Halberd Gate, Patio (porches at both sides), Altar and Dacheng Hall from southeast to northwest with Su Song Ancestral Temple firstly built by Zhu Xi and Lin Xiyuan Ancestral Temple built in the Ming Dynasty in the south and Guanlan Pavilion, Panchi Pool and Xing Xian Yu Cai Memorial Archway in the north.

Tong'an Confucian Temple was renovated and transformed into a museum in 1990 to display major historical sites of ancient Tong’an from the Neolithic Age to the founding of the PRC as well as achievements of ten outstanding country squires and famous officials (Su Song, Wu Tao, Lin Xiyuan, Hong Chaoxuan, Cai Fuyi, Lin Junsheng, Wu Bida, Chen Huacheng, Wu Ruifu and Tan Kah Kee).

Connotative meaning

The Confucian Temple is an ancestral temple commemorating and worshiping Confucius and is also referred to as the Literary Temple due to its function as a county school after the Ming Dynasty. Located at the west riverside of Dongxi River in the urban area, Tong’an Confucian Temple has been bearing the history for a thousand year.

Traffic guidance

Buses: Take Bus No. 610, 615, 619, 624, 630A or 630B and get off at “Tong’an First Experimental Elementary School” Station.


A. Tong’an Xike expressway exit at Tong’an direction - Tong’an Third Hospital - Tong’an Bus Stop - Tong’an North Huancheng Road - Tong’an Xiaoximen Station - Tong’an No. 1 Middle School - Dongqiao Station, go straight without passing the bridge, turn right, and Tong’an First Experimental Elementary School Station is 100 meters away.

B. Xiang’an Maxiang expressway exit at Tong’an direction - Sanzhong Station - Hongtang Middle School - Hongtang Police Station - Tong’an Traffic Police Brigade (turn right at the first traffic light) Xiaxitou Village - Qingdao Brewery - pass the bridge, turn left at the bridge head, and Tong’an First Experimental Elementary School Station is 100 meters away.