Three-island Battlefield Sightseeing Park, Dadeng Town Free Zone for Taiwanese Products


Covering an area of over 87,000 square meters, Three-island Battlefield Sightseeing Park is located at the southeast end of Dadeng Island with charming landscapes. After the battle on August 23, the Park once became the ruins of war with an average of 1.5 artillery shells bombing on each square meter of land. The Sightseeing Park is the only multifunctional educational base and scenic spot facing Kinmen, themed on national unity, related to battlefield sightseeing with functions of patriotism education, national defense knowledge education, military science popularization education and recreation in China.

Battlefield Sightseeing Park possesses various attractions such as “Top of the World - Large Horn”, “August 23rd Battlefield Ruins”, “Hero Sculpture Square”, “Battlefield Tunnel”, “Three-island Military and Civilian Historical Hall”, “Military Weapon Exhibition Ground”, “National Defense Educational Hall”, “World Weapon Model Exhibition Hall”, “Motherland Peaceful Reunification Exhibition Hall”, and “Air and Ocean Drift History Exhibition Hall”.  Airplanes, cannons, tanks, patrol boats, warships and other various light and heavy weapons with great contributions in the battle are displayed in Battlefield Sightseeing Park.

Honored as “China’s Most Beautiful Leisure Country”, Xiaodeng Island is located between Dadeng Island and Kinmen, facing Kinmen across the sea.

With a floor space of 830,000 square meters and a building area of 1,120,000 square meters, Dadeng Town Free Zone for Taiwanese Products is a distinctive touring and trade complex integrating functions of trade, touring, recreation and shopping for the exchange to Taiwan and is also mainland China’s first free zone for the exchange to Taiwan consisting of Taiwan Delicacy City, Taiwan Boutique City, Taiwan Delicacy Street and Mooncake Gambling Cultural Custom Street with over 2 million tourists every year.

Connotative meaning

Consisting of Dadeng Island, Xiaodeng Island and Jiaoyu Island, Three-island ever suffered ruins but is now invigorating and luxuriant with gorgeous landscapes. A modern town featuring profound styles of southern Fujian is emerging and Dadeng Town Free Zone for Taiwanese Products is full of tens of thousands of commodities from both sides of Taiwan Strait which is really a feast for the eyes.

Traffic guidance

Bus route: Take Bus No. 650 at Wucun Bus Station - transfer to Bus No. 756 at North Lvcuo Station (transfer station) - get off at Dadeng Station.

Self-driving route: Wucun Bus Station - West Lianqian Road - Chenggong Avenue - Jiangtou Interchange - Xianyue Road - Xiang’an Avenue - Shuiliu Line - East Xiang’an Road - Dadeng Bridge - enter Dadeng Island - South Huandeng Road - East Shuanghu Road - Battlefield Sightseeing Park - East Dadeng Road - North Huandeng Road - Dadeng Town Taiwan Free Zone for Taiwanese Products.